The Accredited Certifier – Building Surveying Grade 1 (unconditional) accreditation enables us to issue certificates for any type of project. We can also act as the Principal Certifying Authority.

Construction Certificates

A Construction Certificate (CC) is required to be issued after the approval of a Development Consent, and prior to the commencement of building works.

Metro Building Consultancy (MBC) can issue CC’s for all classification of buildings and can carry out all of the activities that needs to be resolved prior to their issue; these include:

  • Identifying the Development Consent conditions that need to be addressed
  • Assessment of the architectural and services drawings for compliance against the requirements of the Development Consent, the Environmental Planning and Assessment legislation and the Building Code of Australia
  • Identification of, and advice on, the administrative requirements


Complying Development

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is similar to a combined Development Approval and Construction Certificate. A CDC is issued following the assessment of the project against a set of criteria as stated by a state policy. It offers a streamlined way to gain approval to commence building work on low impact development such as:

  • Internal office fitouts
  • Internal retail fitouts
  • External works (in very limited situations)

With a sound knowledge of the latest legislative changes, Metro Building Consultancy (MBC) can guide you through the requirements of the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) and upon successful assessment can:

  • Approve a CDC for the works
  • Act as the Principal Certifying Authority and carry out inspections
  • Issue the Occupation Certificate upon completion of the works


Occupation Certificates

Following the appointment of Metro Building Consultancy (MBC) as the Principal Certifying Authority and upon satisfactory completion of the building works under the Complying Development or Construction Certificate an Occupation Certificate (OC) has to be issued.

MBC and can carry out all of the activities that need to be resolved prior to the OC’s issue; these include:

  • Identifying the relevant Development Consent conditions
  • Inspection of the building works
  • Identification of and advice on the administrative requirements

Where the project requires submission of a Fire Safety Engineering Report to the NSW Fire Brigade, MBC can apply for and coordinate the issuing of the Brigade’s Final Fire Safety Report.

As an Accredited Certifier – Building Surveying Grade 1 (unconditional) there are no limitations to the extent of the building works or Fire Safety Engineering Alternative Solutions that can be approved by MBC.

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