Audits & Reports

Metro Building Consultancy’s client focused delivery of auditing and reporting services has been established to meet the real needs of our clients. We provide Building Code of Australia (BCA) reports for all types of Commercial developments.

BCA Audits & Reports

Building Code of Australia (BCA) audits are carried out on all classification of buildings for numerous reasons, they can be for development consent applications, voluntary and forced building upgrades, pre-purchase due diligence or for other bench marking purposes.

Typical buildings that Metro Building Consultancy can audit include:

  • Class 2 – low and high rise residential buildings
  • Class 3 – hotels / hostels etc
  • Class 5 – commercial buildings (e.g. offices)
  • Class 6 – retail premises
  • Class 7 – carparks & warehouses
  • Class 8 – industrial buildings
  • Class 9 – hospitals, assembly buildings and aged care facilities


Fire Order BCA Audits & Reports

If the fire safety of a building is considered inadequate by a local council, they can issue a ‘Notice of intention to issue an Order’ followed by a ‘Fire Order’. This order instructs the owners of the building to upgrade the fire safety measures within the building.

Metro Building Consultancy can assist in negotiations with Council when arranging the lifting of such Fire Orders. Typical services that are required and that are provided include:

  • An initial Building Code of Australia audit and report to identify the actual fire safety non-compliances of the building
  • Meetings with the stakeholders to discuss the outcomes of the initial audit and to determine the staging of any works
  • Assistance with the engagement of any other specialist consultants required to address non-compliances, these may include Fire Safety Engineers, Fire Services Design Consultants etc.
  • Inspection of, and reporting on, the adequacy of completed works
  • Preparation of the Annual Fire Safety Certificate for submission to council

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